Finally got around to a much overdue “technical” update for the website!

There is absolutely no change to the content, but all parts of the website have been updated to bring the underlying technical aspects up to more modern standards.  The general styling of the site is also unchanged, although a few things may look slightly different due to the new software that runs behind the scenes.

Probably the most important objective is to make all the web pages “mobile friendly” so that they can be comfortably viewed on devices with a wide range of screen sizes.  Nowadays more web pages are viewed on phones than on PC screens!

Most of the pages have been re-worked and are based on a “responsive” template system.  They are coded to the latest web standards.  The template was developed by myself, based around a well known web software framework called Bootstrap.

The photo gallery now runs on different software and has been customised to fit well with the rest of the site. This replaces the previous Gallery3 software, which is sadly no longer actively maintained.  Pity, because the old software was very good.  Fortunately the new stuff is also excellent, does mostly the same thing and is a popular replacement. It is called Piwigo, developed in France.

The Blog also uses a new “responsive” style, though is otherwise functionally the same as before.  As with the gallery, I have produced a customised theme so that it fits reasonably well with the rest of the site. The WordPress software has been updated to the latest version.

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