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Evening Talks for Autumn and Winter 2014/2015
Most events start 19.10pm with tea/coffee and biscuits, for talks at 19.30. Harbourne Building - access through School of Biological Sciences main entrance.
Friends of the Harris Garden members free, guests £1.

Monday 17 November 2014 1500 years of Cyclamen in Botanical Art - Martyn Denney

Martyn is the Secretary of the Cyclamen Society and the Editor of the Society’s journal.

The Society was formed in 1977 to encourage cultivation and conservation of cyclamen and to disseminate and extend knowledge of these plants. It combines scientific study with all the activities of a society for enthusiasts who cultivate plants. There are approximately 1000 members of the society drawn from a number of different countries.

A program of field studies was started by the Society in 1987 and these continue to this day.  The society provides funding for plant material collected during the field studies to be analysed at the Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics, University of Reading, contributing to the ongoing Cyclamen Diversity Project under the leadership of Dr Alastair Culham.  The Society's herbarium is also hosted by the University.

Cyclamen have featured in artworks for over 1500 years and there are nearly a 1000 years of manuscripts incorporating cyclamen and they feature in some of the earliest printed works of the 15th Century as well as the printed herbals of the 16th Century and the florilegia of the 17th century through to the present day.

Monday 15 December 2014 Friends of the Harris Garden Christmas Social, with Silent Auction



Monday 16 February 2015 Mediterranean Aromatic Plants - Stephen Jury

Aromatic plants are especially abundant in the Mediterranean where there are a number of rare and restricted species. Lavenders and rosemaries have been the subjects of special studies at Reading, both to identify and name the variants present as well as their special biochemistry.

Stephen Jury has worked on the flora of the Mediterranean countries, especially Spain and Morocco whilst curating the University's herbarium as well  as teaching and supervising student research projects. He has had a long-term interest in the Harris Garden. Following retirement, he continues his interests in plants in Bedfordshire where he tries to maintain a small garden.

Monday 16 March 2015 Garden Design - Richard Bisgrove



Charity Open days for 2015

(gardens are open at 2pm until 5.30pm, generally the 2nd Sunday of the month, raising funds for various causes)

Sunday 12 April Red Cross 
Sunday 10 May Parkinsons
Sunday 14 June 52nd Scouts
Sunday 12 July National Gardens Scheme
Sunday 9 August Cancer Research
Sunday 13 September FotHG/Perennial/Hardy Plants

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Past Events

You can view some photographs of various past events in our Gallery.