Thursday 20th April 2017 Weather report for 9 a.m.

9C, overcast, SW wind 8 mph.


Tasks undertaken today:

Jill, Rosemary, Chris and Eunice weeded the Fern Border. Trudi cleared some Crocosmia from the circular bed in the Winter Garden. Dick weeded and edged part of the Cherry Bowl, Sue removed brambles and ivy and Terry cut back a Sycamore tree in preparation for a new shrub border not far from the Walled Garden. Ania worked in the Autumn Border, transplanting Ajuga, digging and weeding a patch of ground and transplanting Sedum ‘Brilliant’, Arne watered recently planted shrubs and perennials, and Catherine planted Kniphofia ‘Brimstone’. Yesterday Don was working in the garden, tidying the Yellow Border.

Pete –the Senior Gardener – was away celebrating his birthday.


Cheers from volunteersFrom left to right: Rosemary, Ania, Jill, Trudi, Sue, Terry, Arne, Dick, Eunice, Chris.

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