Dahlias in the red border

The weather this month has come in two distinct segments with the first two weeks bringing almost constant gloomy, wet weather day after day then the skies cleared to allow some sunshine and drier weather in the second half of the month.

These weather conditions have really benefitted the garden topping up soil water levels and raising the water table creating an ideal growing environment for all the plants.  The borders that have been newly planted have been well watered and the plants are well established without any losses and the older borders many of which were mulched with compost in the winter are producing a thick, healthy flush of growth before starting to flower.

The red borders

The new red borders that have replaced the old Jekyll borders are in flower and are a blaze of colour with every shade of red as well as the odd yellow and orange they are a great success.  Likewise the new herbaceous borders are thriving and are just starting to come into flower they will not be at their best for another month or so as they are designed to provide late summer and autumn interest.  The prairie garden is a riot of yellow Rudbeckias.

The gravel garden has established well despite the late planting and the Thursday volunteers have placed gravel on some of the borders.  There is more gravel to follow when time and resources allow later in the summer or autumn to complete the job.

The first garden visitor of the day

The long mixed border has been slow to come into flower this year due to many of the clumps being lifted and divided back in the winter followed by the application of a thick layer of compost.  This has promoted vigorous plant growth before flowering and the plants look much healthier for it also the flowering now that it has begun is more prolific.

The grass and weeds have also enjoyed the good growing conditions so there is much to be done to keep the garden looking at its best.

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